How to Play Free Video Poker Games free video poker games, video poker, poker games Learn how to get started in video poker playing free video poker games. How to Play Free Video Poker Games Video poker offers people that like to test their own skill against computer software the chance to win exciting jackpots and develop useful poker strategies. But just how do you play video poker? The best way to start out is to sample the range of free video poker games at your favorite casino and find the versions that you enjoy the most. Learning how to play video poker using free video poker games is a risk free venture. Simply choose the free option to bypass signing up with your casino at first. Most sites will offer a wide range of poker games you can choose from. Once you've found a version you like, study the screen and the pay table before proceeding. Before you begin your free video poker games, let's check the screen. Normally you will see Bet buttons displayed on the screen along with another button labeled Draw. Click on Draw and a five card poker hand will be dealt to you. You should then select the cards you wish to discard. This is done by consulting the pay table to make sure you're not discarding any cards that could potentially make a winning hand. When you click Draw again your discarded cards will be replaced with new ones. If your hand has won a prize, you will be paid out according to the information on the pay table. Try a few free video poker games and then experience the excitement live for cash!