Poker professionals play for the big money poker professionals, poker income, poker skill Highlighting the mind of poker professionals when it comes to making their income solely by playing poker, requiring skill and often sacrifice. Poker professionals play for the big money You love to play poker and you dream of having a lifestyle where there is nothing else but poker and the lifestyle that comes with it. For many the life of poker professionals is something romantic and very attractive, but before you float away on a dream there are a few things that you need to know that will keep your feet on solid ground. Poker professionals fit into two categories, the first being people that are willing to sacrifice everything they own just to play all day. Then you have the group of players that are fundamentally businessmen. These players understand not only the game but how to play but how that playing can maximize their poker income. This income is solely dependant on poker skill, bankroll, guts and the amount of playing hours. Poker professionals receive their income primarily by playing poker and they know the game that they excel in, in terms of an hourly rate. These people will play poker games that give them the highest hourly rate. Factors that will affect not only their hourly rates but also yours are, you skill in comparison to others that you play, the number of hands as well as tables that you can play within an hour, the rake or time charge and finally the discrepancies that are involved. After all these factors are considered it can be seen that poker professionals are at the mercy of fluctuations all the time.