Poker Strategy poker strategy, play poker, poker rules To play poker well, players need to learn a key poker strategy – bluffing. Poker Strategy Even the most amateur player knows that bluffing is a key poker strategy. Of course, it’s not the only poker strategy around but it is definitely one that a player should learn to perform properly in order to advance in the game. Anybody who sits down to play poker may be hesitant to bluff initially, however bluffing maximizes your chances of winning and makes you much less predictable. poker rules don’t stipulate that bluffing should be used, but it is highly recommended. There are several things that players need to take into consideration before they consider the poker strategy of bluffing. Firstly, they need to consider who their opponents are. A major mistake is bluffing weak players – players should concentrate on bluffing stronger opponents who are likely to fold a hand. Secondly, players should look at the number of players around the table. A general rule of thumb when you play poker is not to bluff if there are more than three players at the table. A good poker player is one that usually has a lot of experience playing the game. At some stage, you will recognize that your ability to ‘read’ certain players has improved greatly and you can identify good bluffing opportunities. This is when you can be sure that you are on your way to becoming a good bluffer. Bluffing is a poker strategy that keeps the game unpredictable and exciting and it’s worth investing efforts into developing this skill.