The Best Poker Strategy for Online Play Best poker strategy, online poker, poker betting patterns Learn about the best poker strategy for online poker play and how the poker betting patterns of opponents can be used to build strategy. The Best Poker Strategy for Online Play Playing online poker can be a whole new world for many poker players as a whole new set of strategy is involved. After all, the primary strategy in regular poker is paying attention to the body language and facial expressions of your opponents in order to judge the quality of their hands and base your strategy on that. Obviously you cannot use this strategy when you play online poker, but by learning the best poker strategy for online poker play you can still succeed in the game. The best poker strategy for online play is to be alert and pay close attention to the patterns of your opponents. This is the best poker strategy because information like poker betting patterns as well as win and loss patterns can give away just as much information about the hands of your opponents as facial expressions could in the offline game. For instance, a player that consistently raises when he has very good cards or consistently calls when his hand is only so-so is easy to build a strategy against. Keep a list with information about your opponents and their poker betting patterns and use it to play against them. Of course, the best poker strategy also includes keeping your opponents guessing when it comes to your own hand so be sure to vary your own betting patterns. Use these tactics in your online poker game and you are sure to succeed!