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Blackjack Help

To Play BlackJack, First select a room to play in. (If you can't see the BlackJack rooms, click on the BlackJack tab on the top menu bar in the Lobby).
Poker Mode

Selecting a room:
The BlackJack branch will appear in the Tree on the left side of the Game Lobby.
Game Tree

Click on the room you wish to enter (according to your preferred Stake/Limit), select the table you want to enter from the list, and then double-click.
Rooms Table
View Game

You may also select a table with the "View Game" button.

Joining a Table:
After you have selected your preferred table, a table screen will open. Click on any open seat to begin.(the "Seat Open" option will be available only if there are less than 5 players in the table).
You will then be prompted with a window showing you the balance of your money and your Buy-in amount. In the "Enter Buy-in" box, enter in the Buy-in amount you wish to enter the table with. Note that you will not be able to enter a Buy-in amount which is smaller than the Stake.

Poker Table

Blackjack Game Buttons:
Sit Out

click to sit out until you click on the “I’m back button”.


click to place your bet and be dealt two cards.
Post SB

click to be dealt an additional card.
Post BB

click when you do not want any additional cards, to finalize your bet for this round.

click to split the hand and bet on each hand separately.

click to double your bet on a hand.

click to purchase insurance.

click if you do not wish to purchase insurance.
All In

click when you want to get back into the game and be dealt cards.

Blackjack Options Menu:
Features Menu

Sit Out Next Hand (F1):

Sit out next hand and not return to the game until you click I’m Back.

Display Warnings (F2):
Display warnings regarding your hit or stand decisions.

Sound On (F3):
Turns Sound Effects on and off.

More Chips: Click to add more play money to your Balance. This box will display your balance as well as how much play money you can add at any given time.

More Chips

Lobby: Brings the Game Lobby screen forward, does not close the game.


Leave: Click to leave the game and forfeit your points.


Chat Box: To send a message to other opponents, click in the chat box, type your message and click send.

Chat Box