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Perudo Help

To Play Perudo, first select a room to play in. (If you can't see the Perudo rooms , click on the icon with the red dice on the top-menu bar in the Lobby).
Perudo Mode

Object of the game:
To be the last player with dice on the table.

Selecting a room:
The Perudo branch will appear in the Tree on the left side of the Game Lobby.
Click on the room you wish to enter (according to your preferred Stake/Limit) ,select the table you want to enter from the list, and then double-click.
Game Tree

Click on the room you wish to enter (according to your preferred Stake/Limit) ,select the table you want to enter from the list, and then double-click.
Rooms Table
View Game

You may also select a table with the "View Game" button.

After you have selected your preferred table, a table screen will open.
Open Table

Joining a Table:
Click on any open seat to begin.(the "Seat Open" option will be available only if there are less than 5 players in the table). You will then be prompted with a window showing you the balance of your money and your Buy-in amount.
In the "Enter Buy-in" box, enter in the Buy-in amount you wish to enter the table with. Note that you will not be able to enter a Buy-in amount which is smaller than the room's Stake X25 or higher than the room's Stake X125.
For example, in the 5/125 Room, the minimum amount you can enter is 125 and the maximum amount is 625. You will be able to Buy-in more cash during a game by pressing on the "More Chips" button.

The Game:
Roll One

Click on "Roll One" to throw your first die in order to determine who bids first.
Sit Out

You may select the "Sit Out" button to sit out of an entire game.
The player who throws the highest number goes first. If the outcome of the dice is the same, the dice must be rolled again. The direction of play is clockwise.

Roll All

To begin, click on the "Roll All" butoon. All five of your dice will be rolled, and a wager of the table's Stake will be entered to the Pot (the table's total amount of cash).


If you don't want to Bid click on the "Fold" button and you'll sit out until the next game begins.
To enter a bid choose the Die Face and its Quantity from the menu.

There are 6 die face values possible:
1 2 3 4 5 6 A A = 1 or joker

There are 25 quantity values possible:
Quantity Bar

When you select a die face, the selected die face will be highlighted. When you select a quantity the selected quantity will be checked off, as you can see in the picture on the right:

When bidding, you are claiming that there is at least a certain quantity of dice face values on the table, including in the dice of your opponents.
Bidding Bar
In the image, we selected a Die Face of 5 with a Quantity of 6. It means that we bid that the total occurrences on the table of the die with a face value of 5 are at least 6.

After you have selected your desired bid, click on the "Bid" button.

The next player and every subsequent player in a round can choose to bid on the same die face or on another die face.

Whether they choose to bid on the same die face or a lower die face, they must bid on a higher quantity of the die face.

If they choose to bid on a higher die face, they can leave the quantity as is.

For example if the person before you bids: Six Fives (Six-Quantity, Fives- Dice Face).
You can bid: Six Sixes, Seven Fours, Eight Fives, Nine Threes, Seven Threes, Eight Twos etc except for ace which will be explained later.

  • You cannot start the round with a bid on an Ace/Joker/Die Face value of       1, except for in a Calzone Round. (read more about Calzone below).

  • If the previous bid is on any face besides an Ace/Joker/ Die Face value of
       1, and you wish to bid on an Ace, then your bid quantity can be half the
       quantity of the previous bid quantity or higher. (in the case of a
       halfnumber the number is rounded up) For example: previous bid is 4 x 5,
       you must bid A x 3 or a higher quantity. Except for in a Calzone Round.
       (read more about Calzone below).

  • If the previous bid is on an Ace/Joker Die Face value of 1, and you wish
       to bid on any face value besides Ace, then your bid quantity should be at
       least twice the previous bid quantity plus one,or higher. For example
       previous bid is A x 5, your bid quantity must be 11, or a higher quantity.
       Except for in a Calzone Round. (read more about Calzone below).

  • Calling Perudo:

    If you wish to call a bluff on the previous player, claiming that the total Quantity of the Die Face on the table is less than his bid, then click, (or call), Perudo.

    If you call Perudo and you're right (meaning the previous player has over estimated the Quantity of the Die Face), your Perudo is called a "good perudo"), you keep all of your dice, and the current bidder loses a die.

    If you call Perudo, and you're wrong (meaning that the current bidder estimated the exact or higher Quantity of the Die Face), your Perudo is called a "bad perudo" (wrong), and you lose a die.

    The person who lost a die in the last round always goes first in the next round, unless he has lost all of his dice. With one exception, if a player is struck-out (lost all of his dice) then the player who struck him out will start bidding on the next round.

    Calling Jonti:

    Calling Jonti means that you are claiming that the current bid is exactly right.

    You have the option of calling Jonti only when itís not your bid or the bid of the player after you. (For this to be true there must be a minimum of 3 players at the table).

    You may only call Jonti when you have less than five dice.

    If you call Jonti and you are correct, you keep all of your dice and gain one more die.
    If you call Jonti, and you are not correct, you lose a die.

    Calzone Round:
    Calzone Round

    When a player has only one die remaining after losing a die in the previous round, they may call Calzone. Calzone rounds are subject to different rules:

  • Aces are not wild, they hold a value of one (Calzone Rounds may begin
        bidding on 1).

  • Calzone is called before any bids are made and calling Calzone is

  • Only players who have one die can make a regular bid, player with more
        than one die can only change the quantity, they cannot change the face

  • Perudo Features:
    The Perudo.com game software offers several unique game features. You can access them by clicking the Options tab in the upper left hand corner of the game screen, or by using the shortcuts listed below:

    Features Menu
    Auto Roll One (F1):
    At the beginning of each game, before the first roll is thrown, if selected, roll is automatic.

    Auto Calzone Round (F2):
    Calzone Round will automatically begin when itís an option in your game.

    Sit Out Next Hand (F3):
    currently N/A

    View Dice Count (F4):
    Allows you to see the number of dice on the table at any given time.
    Dice Count Bar

    Block Dealer (F5):
    If you do not wish to receive messages of dealer calling moves in your chat box you can select Block Dealer.

    Sound On (F6):
    Turns Sound Effects and Dealer Voice on and off.

    More Chips: Click to add more play money to your Balance. This box will display your balance as well as how much play money you can add at any given time.

    More Chips

    Lobby: Brings the Game Lobby screen forward, does not close the game.


    Leave: Click to leave the game and forfeit your points


    Chat Box: To send a message to other opponents, click in the chat box, type your message and click send.

    Chat Box

    Iím Back: Click to enter after new game begins.

    I'm Back

    Glossary Terms available at www.Perudo.com