A basic introduction to the Backgammon Set

Firstly, a backgammon set requires a backgammon board that consists of 24 alternating coloured triangles that are known as points. These points should be attached to the outside of the board facing inwards and should not have any markings. They are the spaces on which backgammon players place and move their checkers during the backgammon game. The backgammon board is divided by a bar which is used for removed checkers during the game.

Traditionally, a backgammon set contains four regular dice and two shakers. The backgammon players roll two dice to determine the spaces moved and so the dice are duplicated for faster play. There is also a dice with the numbers 2,4,8,16,32 and 64 on its faces; this is called the doubling cube. The doubling cube is used for strategic play and ups the amounts of the bet wagered. Not all versions of the backgammon game use the doubling cube but it should be present in any backgammon set so that all versions of the game can be played.

The backgammon set will also contain a minimum of counters called checkers. These will be in two colours, and usually match the colour of the points of the backgammon board. This is for cosmetic reasons only and has no bearing on the actual backgammon game. Prices for a backgammon board and pieces vary as with any game equipment. Some come in compendium format with chess and chequers pieces also. Other backgammon boards double as the storage compartment, with the pieces being stored inside when not in use. The same items are used by players, who enjoy an online backgammon game, but these will be simulated by the software.


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