Advanced Backgammon Play For the Pro

Most games are played at different levels. The same applies to backgammon. Online backgammon is a game whose popularity is ever on the increase. Online backgammon sites are drawing unprecedented Internet traffic as online backgammon players are trying to reach a level of advanced backgammon play.

One has to start from a beginners lever and slowly move up to advanced backgammon play. Backgammon rules are a good point to start. The first thing to learn is how to set up the board. The simpler backgammon rules involve primes, blitz, closeout, anchors and the opening roll. Learning backgammon rules is not just theoretical work. One has to keep playing and being able to implement what one has read. After acquiring basic knowledge one can start practicing slightly more advanced backgammon rules. These involve cubes and backgames. Once one is familiar with individual rules and strategies one has to learn to put it together in visualizing entire match plays. It is only then one can have claimed to reach a level of advanced backgammon play.

Online backgammon tutorials are extremely helpful in improving ones play. There are several such tutorials available on the Internet. These backgammon tutorials are compatible with most of the common operating systems and can be downloaded onto the computer. The tutorials help analyze positions in the backgammon game. They enable you to compare your move with the move recommended by the backgammon tutorial. The backgammon tutorials contain computer programs that you can play against. The great thing about the backgammon tutorials is that the programs can be set at different levels. Initially you can play at the lower level and slowly go on increasing the level of the game. Once you have reached the highest level you are at the level of advanced backgammon play.


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