Backgammon Rules for Hitting and Entering

In online Backgammon, every time there is a single checker on a point, this checker is vulnerable to getting hit. A hit occurs when your opponent lands on your one checker, knocking it to the bar and out of the game. Study these Backgammon rules to know how you can enter your checker back onto the board to resume your Backgammon game

If your opponent hits you while your single checker is on a point (called a “blot” when occupied by one checker), Backgammon rules prevent you from resuming play until this checker re-enters the game. Checkers on the bar can only re-enter on unoccupied points.

When it is your turn, roll the dice. You now have two options before you. If both numbers on the dice correspond to open points in your opponent’s board, move your checker to the point of your choice. If the point is occupied by one of your opponent’s checkers, Backgammon rules allow you to hit his checker, forcing him out while letting you back in the game.

According to Backgammon rules, if there are no unoccupied points that correspond with your dice numbers, you lose your turn. You must then wait for the next dice roll to try to re-enter your checker again.


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