All About the Backgammon back door

When anyone thinks of the internet, and especially of its pioneer days, one of the first things you think of is Yahoo. Regarded as the first serious search engine, Yahoo has been recently overshadowed by its competitors, especially Google. However Yahoo still has many millions of followers, and has diversified into many other online activities, such as online shopping and gaming. For reasons best known to themselves, Yahoo have christened their online backgammon software, backgammon back door. Their explanation is that when the games room is full, you can always enter through the back door.

As many other instances with Yahoo, their backgammon room is an online community, and what attracts many people to backgammon back door is that you are playing in an amateur setting and there is no wagering allowed whatsoever. You are playing for the fun and intellectual stimulation that playing backgammon online brings, as well as the camaraderie and companionship.

So what do you need to do in order to play back door backgammon? First and foremost you need to contact Yahoo and open an account with them, which you will be glad to know, is free of charge. This will allow accessing the backgammon software. Take a day or two to get used to the software, which is pretty user friendly. Then you can always find someone to play against on line. Many professionals play on backgammon back door for pleasure and valuable match practice between online tournaments for cash prizes.

So backgammon back door is not as sinister at it sounds, in fact it offers many opportunities for enjoyable play and internet friendships.


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