Are You a Backgammon Beginner?

There are many reasons to become interested in this gaming classic, but whatever the reason there are some basic rules of Backgammon board selection to learn if you are a Backgammon beginner. Initially, as a Backgammon newbie, you will need access to a board to practice. This can be a traditional Backgammon board, or it can be an online board. Setting up the board also takes practice if you have never done it before. This is where an online website can help the Backgammon new player, because it allows the beginner to start game play with the checkers on the appropriate points. Once you learn which points you and your opponent's checkers should be on, you should also practice setting up a traditional Backgammon board.

While in the initial stages of learning the game of Backgammon it is important that you invest in a board that will be adequate for game play. A flimsy Backgammon board that can't withstand hours of practice will not do you any good. Backgammon boards are designed to withstand checker movements and dice falling on them. If you are using a cardboard playing board as a Backgammon beginner you may quickly learn that it won't be able to withstand your punishment and you will quickly lose interest playing on a shoddy board.

As a Backgammon beginner with a brand new Backgammon board you might be enticed to leave the board out so everyone will be able to see your new hobby… don't! Unless you put it up in a protected area you risk damaging the board and your Backgammon career will never progress beyond being a Backgammon beginner.


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