Tactics and strategy involved in playing the backgammon board game

Backgammon is a dice-and-board game for two players, and is regarded as the most popular board game in history. Winning at backgammon requires a high level of skill and experience and a successful player will have had acquired these characteristics in order to win consistently at the backgammon board game.

Backgammon is played on a board consisting of twenty-four narrow triangles. Known as points, these triangles are grouped into four alternately colored quadrants of six triangles, called either home boards or inner boards.

With each throw of the dice, players have to move their checkers around the same U-shaped track, each in exactly the opposite direction. Checkers can only move forward in the backgammon board game.

The number of points or pips that the checkers may be advanced is determined by the throw of the dice, with the numbers that are thrown being regarded as two separate moves, either moving one checker or two.

The overall objective of the backgammon board game is for one of the players to move all of his own checkers past those of his opponent and then remove them from the board. Checkers may land on any point that is either unoccupied or is occupied only by a player's own checkers, with no limit being placed on the number of any one player's checkers occupying a single point. The points on which a checker may land are termed as open points.

This basically describes the game play at backgammon, but does not clarify the importance of learning the strategies of playing the backgammon board game. This comes from building a game style, defensive, aggressive or a mixture of both. You will be require to understand your opponent's strategy and how to counter it, and how to fully utilize the many facets of the backgammon game's rules, especially the doubling cube to your advantage.


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