The correct stages of the backgammon board set up

Backgammon is regarded as the world's longest lasting and most popular board game. As a game of skill, it has been played for more than a millennium in all corners of the globe. Since the Internet's dramatic rise in popularity over the last few years, backgammon has made a highly successful transition to the online media.

Internet programmers have pulled out all the stops to recreate as authentic playing atmosphere and the rules of the game have remained the same. This why it is very important to learn the correct stages in a backgammon board set up and adhere to them at all times. The first stage is to make sure that the board is set up on a level and secure playing surface. This has nothing to do with the rules or the backgammon board layout, more to prevent the board toppling over during the game, which can be very annoying, especially as the players may have to start again.

The first stage in a backgammon board set up is to make sure that you have the correct amount of checkers. There are a total of 30 checkers in backgammon, in two colors. The backgammon board is separated into twenty-four narrow triangles that are known as points. Grouped into four quadrants of six triangles each, these triangles alternate in color with each quadrant containing six points. These quadrants are referred to as home or inner boards

The next stage in a backgammon board layout is to ensure that each player begins the game with fifteen checkers of a different color from his opponent. All that is then needed is a pair of dice and dice cup to complete the backgammon board set up.


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