What to look for in a good backgammon book

The internet has changed the face of backgammon game play probably for ever, and the game, which has been played around the globe for centuries, has become a new favorite for many tens of thousands more. Nowadays, backgammon tournaments are being organized on a daily basis and the prizes being won are attracting a new breed of backgammon professionals to share in this bonanza. To win repeatedly at backgammon requires a mixture of knowledge, skill and strategy, and does not come overnight. The backgammon book is full of also-rans who did not put in the time and study to progress in the game.

To sharpen their skills players combine the opportunity to practice backgammon online free and reading as much as they can on the subject. What to look for in a good backgammon book is one of the first things that you need to find out. Some of the best selling backgammon publications are the series of guides by Bill Robertie offering advice from beginners to extremely advanced players. A classic book by Oswald Jacoby & John R. Crawford called "The Backgammon Book" is a must-read for all new players, offering a succinct introduction and guide to the game. Advanced players can try "New Ideas in Backgammon" Kit Woolsey & Hal Heinrich

These books contain information on tactics, how to interpret the rules of the game, how to read your opponent's game plan and counteract it. To win the Backgammon World Championship is no mean feat; in order to do so you have to literally win hundreds of games just to reach the final. One of the icons of World backgammon is Tim Holland, who one the first three championships. His backgammon book is always worth a read, as is those of Bill Robertie, a double backgammon world champion who wrote several backgammon publications Although these books were written twenty years ago, they still apply today and may provide that extra piece of knowledge that only a good backgammon publication can do to create a future world champion.


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