Counting the Backgammon Checker

The skill of backgammon is ensuring that your backgammon checker pieces are never exposed. When you start to play backgammon you will get 15 backgammon checkers. Your opponent will also get the same amount. The aim of the game involves you moving around your backgammon checker until you can take each and every one of them off the board. While playing the game and going for this goal, it is essential that you watch the moves of your opponent to ensure that he or she does not try to take any of your backgammon checkers off the board in a swift move. If your opponent does manage to get a backgammon checker of yours, it might not be so easy for you to get it back on the board.

Once your backgammon checker has been removed by your opponent, you have to start at his home board. And that is not always so easy either. Each time your turn comes around, you have to throw the dice and hope that it lands on a number either where your opponent does not have any backgammon pieces, or where the opponent has a singular, lone backgammon checker that way, when you get back on the board, you can knock off his backgammon men.

The aim of the game is to remove all of your checkers in the correct way, not by being thrown off by a roll of the dice and a strategic move of your opponent. So while you are working swiftly to move all your pieces off the board from your home board, beware of your opponent and try to keep at least two of your backgammon checkers at each point so that none can be singularly removed by your opponent.


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