Improve Your Skills With a Backgammon Chess Set

Even if you have never played chess before and you have heard all the stories about what a tough game it is to play, if you have enjoyed playing backgammon for some time, you may want to try your luck at chess. It is true that the rules to chess are quite different and way more complex than the rules of chess, but it has been said, that since there is such a thing as a backgammon chess set, there must be a reason for it. In other words, the creators of the backgammon chess board must have realized that there was a similar skill involved for backgammon and chess.

On the other hand, if you have already done the hard part of mastering a skill at chess, then learning backgammon will be really simple for you! It is just an easy board game (flip over your chess board and there it will be) using 30 checkers (15 for each play) and two die. And the great news about using your backgammon chess set to play and enjoy backgammon is that while you are doing that you will simultaneously be improving your chess skills too! And if you only know how to play backgammon but commit to learning chess, the same situation can occur the other way round. So this way, with the backgammon chess set you will be good at 2 games for the price of one!

Thus when you decide to go for the backgammon chess set, you will be letting yourself in for hours upon hours of great entertainment and skill development. It is a good idea to hone your skills both in chess and backgammon before purchasing the set and the best, most efficient and most fun way to do this is on line. You can take free on line tutorials in the game and download the game for free using great software that will make you feel like you are playing on a real board at home!


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