The Advantages of Backgammon Client Software

There are a number of ways to play backgammon on your computer. Many internet sites offer either (or both) server software and client software. And, although the end result can appear almost identical, it is important to know the differences. Playing backgammon software has a number of advantages.

When using backgammon client software, the game is downloaded and stored on your computer. This means that you can play even when not connected to the internet. True, to play against real opponents an internet connection is needed. But by using backgammon games, you can play against the computer even if your internet connection, or the site housing the server software, is down.

Usually, the server based software utilises client software. This software often needs to be updated and uses up memory. Instead, by downloading backgammon client software you are in effect cutting out the middle process, leaving your computer with more bandwidth and memory for online playing. Because of this, backgammon applications will usually be more stable than its server based counterpart. And that means less shouting at the computer when the server breaks down just as you rolled a double six, or were about to remove your last counter from the board.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the quality of the user interface. Backgammon client software enables vastly superior sound and graphics. This adds to the all important feeling and atmosphere, which can make virtual games seem so real.

In short, unless you are indulging in a sneaky little game at the office, backgammon client software should be vastly superior to any server game. If the version youre using isnt, uninstall it today, run a quick search on the net and find one that is.


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