Money Backgammon for Advanced Players

Once you have learned the basics of Backgammon and are comfortable with the subtle nuances that can go into winning a game or tournaments, many players decide that it's time to make things a little more interesting by putting some money on the line. Once two players have agreed that money will be wagered on the game, things can become very interesting. One of the essential pieces of Backgammon for advanced players that you must now learn is the ins and outs of the doubling cube.

Beginner Backgammon players rarely have a need for the doubling cube, but advanced players better know how to use it or they risk losing a lot of money. The doubling cube is just that, a six sided cube with the numbers; 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64; notice how it doubles? When using a doubling cube in Backgammon for advanced money games, an initial wager is generally made at the start of the game with the cube sitting near the board. Any player during the course of the game can take the cube and double the wager. If the other player declines the doubling of the wager during Backgammon for advanced players, the other player loses the game.

As you can see during a game of Backgammon for pro players where the stakes are high, the game can become very intense. Imagine the stake being raised to 64 on the doubling cube.

Backgammon for advanced players opens up a whole new world of Backgammon excitement and the doubling cube has helped tremendously. After becoming comfortable with the game, or if you already are, learning how to play Backgammon for serious players will take your game up, up, and up!


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