Some Tips about Backgammon for Beginners

If you want an exciting time, with the chance to win some money, or if you just want some fun time without the money element, you could try the game of backgammon for beginners. Backgammon is not too hard to learn. It is a simple game that is easy to play, somewhat like checkers. Backgammon in its current form is an improvement on the earlier version of the game. In case you did not know, backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world, and dates back almost five thousand years.

Backgammon for beginners can be as interesting as it is for someone who already knows how to play the game. To provide a brief overview of the game, it is played between two players, and requires strategy and skill. There are a number of things about backgammon for beginners to learn.

A modern game of backgammon for beginners, amateurs, or professionals involves the following equipment a backgammon board, two sets of 15 checkers in two different colors, two pairs of regular dice one for each player, a cup to roll the dice, and a doubling cube. In backgammon for beginners is important to know that the movement of the pieces across the board depends on the roll of the dice. Nowadays, variations are being introduced in backgammon all across the globe, though the basic rules remain the same.

The game of backgammon for beginners also involves learning the different commonly used technical terms. One such term is the pip count, which stands for the total number of points a player needs his pieces to move in order to bear them off. A player can plan his future moves on the basis of his current standing as far as moving his pieces is concerned.


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