Learn about the Backgammon Game Rule

Backgammon may seem slightly complicated at first but once you learn the basics youll be able to play quite easily. This ancient and popular gambling game requires skill and practice but learning the basics is enough to get you going against an evenly matched opponent. What is important before you start playing the game (like with all games) is that you clearly understand the backgammon game rule. Here is a basic overview of rules.

There are two players in the game which involves a backgammon board, 15 checkers for each player (one red; the other black); two die and a doubling cube to keep track of what is happening in the game. The most basic backgammon game rule players have to understand is that you want to take all of your checkers off the board, without your opponent getting his or her hands on your checkers in the interim.

What happens is, even though the board begins with at least 2 or more checkers together on each point, while you are moving your checkers around the board, unless you always throw a double on the die, you are likely to end up moving some checkers to expose other checkers. This is okay if your opponent has no way of getting to them, but usually that is not the case and should your opponent get a good throw on the dice, he or she will be able to remove your lone checker, thus making you begin your route off the board in the right way, all over again. And you will only be able to begin all over again if you get lucky in your dice and there is a space in his or her home board.

So form an understanding of the backgammon game rule, but then also be aware of the things that can happen while you are playing the game. Be cautious but not too cautious so as to miss a crucial move that could help you win the game.


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