Try a backgammon game as a fun chess break

If you have ever enjoyed playing chess and want to take a little bit of a brain break, you might enjoy a backgammon game. It is not like backgammon does not require a skill set, but it just does not require the same intensity as chess does. And if you choose to play your backgammon off line, you can use the same board as is used for chess; just flip it over! That is probably why the same board was indeed made for chess and backgammon. Research has shown that lovers of the chess and backgammon share a lot in common. And by playing one of the games, you can improve your skills for the other.

Backgammon is a lot of fun. You play against one other person (or the computer if you decide, if you are playing on line). You both get 15 checkers each laid out on the board in quadrants (one black; one red) and you throw one dice to see who takes the first move. The aim of the game is, by throwing the two dice and moving checkers around the board accordingly, to move your checkers off before your opponent. Throughout the game you have to be wary of not keeping any lone checkers on the board as they could be too tempting for your opponent who may knock them off and youll have to start your backgammon game again.

So for fun and a new type of board skill set, why not play a backgammon game? Check out the different availabilities on line so that you can see which backgammon game looks most appealing and start your fun today!


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