Discover the rich backgammon history

It is not the case at all that if you know the history of a game before starting to play that you will automatically be better equipped to play the game. However it could be the case that if you know a bit of backgammon history before starting to play that you will be a bit more keyed in to your gaming; enthusiastic for the game that has been going since the time before Christ! Indeed, backgammon history goes back so far that apparently a set of rules to the game have been found on a cuneiform tablet as far back as 177BC!

There are of course a few stories about the origins of backgammon so it can be a little tough to determine the accurate backgammon history. Did the game originate in Persia or Egypt for example? But no matter; there is no harm in you picking just one of the stories that you like and going with that. No one is going to test you on your knowledge of the backgammon background. Most sources agree that backgammon is however, one of the oldest games in history so thats pretty interesting. Romans, Persians, Egyptians and Sumerians seemed to have been using some kind of backgammon board or another. Backgammon history teaches that it always seemed to be the aristocracy of the time which was playing the game, so that was probably how it gained so much popularity.

Of course, throughout the ages and backgammon history the game has taken on a whole array of different names including the Game of 12 lines attributed to the Romans; Tric Trac by the French; Tables Reales by the Spanish; Tavola Reale by the Italians, Tavli by the Greeks; and Nard in 800AD in Persia. Table was always the main theme.

So there you have some basic backgammon history which can really be quite interesting and ultimately lead to a greater enjoyment of your game.


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