Enjoy Simple Backgammon Loutraki

Whether you are new to backgammon or an old hand at the dice and checkers game, backgammon is sure to appeal to anyone with a taste for the romance of this cute little Grecian city. Backgammon loutraki is a pretty easy game to master as the rules are pretty simple, and once you feel confident in playing the game, you are sure to have a ton of fun. When learning how to play the game, bear in mind that your main focus must be to be the fastest player to move all your checkers off your home board.

There are two players in backgammon loutraki with each having his or her checkers placed opposite each other on the board which is divided into six triangular spaces. One player has the black checkers and the other the red. You find out who begins play by rolling one dice. Following that there are two die for each roll and turn. As there are two die, each player has the option to move two checkers according to the roll of each dice. So if you throw a 6 and a 2 you can move one checker 6 places (providing there is a free spot or you have other checkers there, as opposed to your opponent), and another checker 2 places. Alternatively you can move one checker 8 places.

In backgammon loutraki, you can of course, land on your opponents spot, providing he or she has only one checker in that spot. If that is the case, you can remove his or her checker from the board and he or she is only able to place it back on the board if there is an empty space on the other side when he or she throws the dice (or of course, one of your checkers that likewise he or she can also remove).

So backgammon loutraki is a game of skill, strategy and fun. What is great about the game of backgammon is that while strategy is involved, because the rules are so simple and fun, anyone can be playing the game within moments of learning the basic principles.


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