Learn the backgammon rule before beginning to play on the net

Before you begin engaging in any type of gambling you will probably want to learn the rules of the game. While a most enjoyable and fun game, the backgammon rule is pretty straight forward as well. That is probably why the game is so appealing: apart from being an enjoyable leisure activity, the backgammon rule is not so complex as to put any potential players off. So familiarize yourself with the basic backgammon rule; check out a fun looking game to play (on line has a huge variety that is sure to appeal to all players) and start your enjoyment of backgammon immediately.

The first thing you want to know about the backgammon rule is the set up of the board; where your checkers are and what route you have to take to move them off the board. Then you want to understand how the die and checker work together. For example, if you throw a 6 on one dice and a 2 on the other, these must either correspond to two separate moves for your checkers, or a move of 8 points (the two numbers combined) for one checker. One backgammon rule is that you cannot for example, move one checker 4 points and the other 4 points, or split up the 8 points in any other way. Learning backgammon essential to your game playing ability.

Another backgammon tip is that you cannot start moving your checkers off the board until they are all settled in your home front. Even if all but one of your checkers is in that quadrant, you have to wait until the last one is home too, before beginning your exit. So, once you have learnt these basic rules, you are ready to play backgammon.


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