Backgammon set up for enjoyable play

The next time you see a group of people huddled around a game of backgammon, and would like to find out what they are getting so excited about, you should take time to learn about the game. One of the first things you can learn would be how to perform the correct backgammon set up.

The backgammon board set up would understandably appear very strange to the casual observer, with its large triangles marked out and checkers either stacked up or going off in different directions. However even the most novice of players, with even the simplest understanding of the game, should be able to grasp how a backgammon board is laid out for enjoyable play, as well as all the intricacies and tactics required to win a game or entire match.

The backgammon board is separated into 24 narrow triangles known as points, with the triangles separated into four quadrants. The two halves of the board are separated by a divider bar, which, although it may not appear so from the outset, plays a strategic role in the game.

If the casual observer expects to find a form of standardization in the backgammon board's set up, then they will be in for a surprise, pleasant or not. The thing is that in the backgammon set up that there are no standard colors, sizes and finishes, and players can play on a customized board in a variety of colors or finishes.

If you look upon the backgammon board as a playing field, a gladiator's arena or a battlefield, where an intricate struggle of strategy and guile is taking place, then you can begin to understand the importance of the backgammon set up as the launching pad for a battle of wit and skill.


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