Understanding The Backgammon Six-Point

Before you start to play backgammon either on or off line there are a few basic principles you have to master. The fundamentals of the game are that there are two players, two dice and each player has either 15 red or 15 black checkers. The basic object of the backgammon game is to move your own checkers off the board, without getting your checkers moved off by your opposition player.

One of the principles in backgammon is the backgammon six-point. The six-point is a position on the backgammon board. Each player has his or her own backgammon six-point. It is the sixth triangle piece on the board (the board is divided up into six triangular slots, with checkers on each one). The backgammon six-point is the place each player wants to move his or her checkers too as that is the final resting place as it were, before they are moved off the board. The more checkers you have at the six-point the more likely you are to win the game as after you have them there, it is just a matter of the roll of a few die to take you off and win your game (presuming your opponent doesnt get some awesome luck in the die throwing).

So while you are playing and enjoying your backgammon game, visualize your backgammon six-point and try and strategically move all your pieces over there as fast as possible. But beware while doing this, of trying to remove your opponents checkers. Because if you do and you have a checker in your six-point, then if your opponent rolls a dice that lands him on one and you only have one checker there, you could be thrown off and have to start the game again! Thats the fun of backgammon!


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