Learning the Backgammon Starting Position

The backgammon starting position is very easy to arrange. For the sake of argument, you can be the white counters. Describing the backgammon starting position from your viewpoint, on the far right triangle (or point), on your side of the backgammon board place five black counters. Place them is straight line along the length of the triangle. Opposite them place five white counters in the same fashion. Leave three triangles blank (going towards the centre of the board) and place three white counters, opposite them three black counters. Leave another triangle blank (this is already after the centre line) and place five white counters, opposite five black counters. Finally, place two black counters on left hand side triangle nearest you. Opposite (you guessed it) are placed two white counters. That's all, the backgammon position is ready, and the games can now begin.

Note that the first few moves taken from the backgammon starting position are crucial. A game can be thrown away by a bad move, even the first of the match. Don't let the clean layout of the backgammon beginning position fool you, study all your options from the first roll of the die.

Admittedly, since the internet has become such an attraction for backgammon players, novices and experts, the need to set out the backgammon starting position is greatly reduced. But through frequent playing, tactics and forming your own individual game plan, knowing what moves to make from the backgammon starting position becomes instinctive. Just remember, you can have set moves when you roll the die first, but never forget to consider your opponent's move should he or she be starting.


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