Enjoy the real riveting backgammon straight race

Backgammon is a real fun game, but for sure there are certain elements and stages of the game that are more fun than others. The beginning part of the game for example, is not as exciting as the bit where you get to play a backgammon straight race. A backgammon race is whereby both you and your opponent have gone past the stage where any of your checkers are going to get kicked off by each other, so you can concentrate solely on trying to get your checkers off the board. That is what makes it a backgammon straight race – because it is just a straightforward race, depending on the die each of you throw – off the board.

The term backgammon straight race is the antithesis of a contact game. A contact game is whereby the checkers have not yet passed each other so they could still hit each other. In the contact stage of the game therefore, neither player if they have any kind of strategic intent in their game, are able to focus on a backgammon race because they are too worried or concerned about the possibility of their checkers being thrown off the board. Plus, they are unlikely to try engaging in a backgammon race as they will not have all their checkers in the home board, but rather they will be scattered around the board, as far to the opposing end as possible.

Once the contact element of the game has been broken, a backgammon straight race can emerge. And that is when players usually get the most excited as the speed of the game dramatically picks up.


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