How to acquire and polish a winning backgammon strategy

Backgammon has been played for centuries in bars, clubs and private homes. With the recent internet explosion, this ever popular board game has reached tremendous heights of success due to its ready adaptation to the online media. Online tournaments are going on all over the world, every day of the week with major cash prizes being won. More and more players are itching to take part in these tournaments and take their share of this cash bonanza. However they are well aware that in order to do so they will have to acquire and polish a winning backgammon strategy.

The first and most important thing that the backgammon novice has to understand that luck plays a pretty small factor in the game. In order to win consistently at backgammon, strategy and experience plays a much larger part. Take into account the fact that finals of international tournaments are decided over 45 games. Luck will play a part over two or three games but a successful backgammon strategy will carry you through the 23 games required to winning the final, plus the many hundreds you will need to win in order to get there.

No one can tell which strategy to adopt, but it can only be suggested how you can acquire and polish a winning backgammon strategy. The first thing is practice: there is a lot of backgammon software available free online, from the simplest java practice games to top of the range third dimensional software which you can download from any of the backgammon web sites. Using this software, you can practice for free either on your own or against novice backgammon players from around the globe. This you can do without ever having to wage a single cent. You can also learn from the vast amount of reading material available online, and these tools will help you to acquire and polish a winning backgammon strategy.


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