In backgammon strip a point

What does backgammon strip a point mean? Well, the basic principle of the game of backgammon is to remove all your checkers from the board before your opponent, while at the same time making sure he or she does not have the opportunity to remove your checkers. How can checkers be removed by the opponent? If you leave one of your points with only one checker, and your opponent throws a dice that enables him or her to land on that point, your checker is automatically removed.

So in a strategic move, players like to keep at least 2 checkers on each point. Often they keep more than 2. The backgammon strip a point function is whereby you have multiple checkers on a point, but then you "strip down" as it were to just 2, still ensuring that your checkers are safe from being removed by your opponent.

So if you want to play backgammon strategically (and that is definitely one way of trying to win your game), make sure of your backgammon strip a point, so that you do not leave a single checker exposed. Once there is only one checker at a point on the board, you do of course leave yourself very open to being removed from the board and having to start your process of exiting the board from scratch, as you are not even on the board!

So bear this in mind when you are trying to race your checkers off the board; all checkers must be covered at all times until contact has been made and the backgammon straight race can be put in place. If you decide to use the backgammon strip a point move, use it wisely.


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