A brief introduction to backgammon table stakes online

The introduction of backgammon table stakes online has created a ripple of interest and a wave of misunderstandings amongst those new to the online backgammon community. The simplest way to describe backgammon table stakes is as a betting system, whereby there is an agreed stake amount involved. The players play an amount per point, with the stakes shown clearly when joining any online game from the lobby. This ensures that the amount played for is within the players budget. With the backgammon stakes agreed, the player is not at of risk of going on tilt and losing too much money.

The beauty of backgammon table stakes is that the amount you bring to the table is the maximum amount that you can win or lose; a concept similar in many ways to fixed limit poker. So, if you bring $5 and play for $1 per point, if you won or lost by 8 points, you would only win or lose your $5.

An added protective element is that the highest amount you can win or lose is set at the lowest bankroll on the table. So, if one player has $5 and another has $100, the maximum that can be won or lost is $5. This creates a fairer starting point for all and removes any element of bullying, enabling a fairer game.

The option to double can be affected by opting for backgammon table stakes. If any player has insufficient funds to cover the stakes being doubled, the option will become unavailable and the cube automatically removed by the software. As you can see, backgammon table wagers really can help to ensure fair gaming and to protect the players bankroll.


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