How can you improve your backgammon tactics

As with any game, success at backgammon requires a good knowledge of the rules and skill, and so at some point every player will need to consider updating their backgammon tactics. The obvious place to start is through research, with one of the best sources being the internet. There are suggestions on backgammon strategies in the schooling section of most gaming sites. Many forums have dedicated sections, usually separated into beginner and advanced so the information reaches the correct audience. You can interact with other players in chat facilities. Offline, magazines and books may also offer advice on backgammon strategy, and with the online presence expanding rapidly, remember to check the media.

Once you have the information, you need to put it into practice. Playing against experienced opponents will improve your backgammon tactics, providing tips, strategies and experiences. Online backgammon provides an excellent opportunity to play against a variety of people at different skill levels. Backgammon clubs are a great place to improve backgammon tactics as they provide a supportive environment with like minded people. Clubs are available both online and offline.

An often overlooked resource is the playback feature of online sites. This feature enables you to play back any games you have completed. This can be used to monitor your opponents choices and evaluate your own response to their moves.

A worthy resource for practising new backgammon tactics is a practice play account. Free backgammon grants exposure to new scenarios and strategies, improving both your insight and your knowledge, without affecting your bank balance. There is often less competition, so other players are more willing to explain their moves and offer tips and suggestions.

The main thing to remember is that research and practise is invaluable. No backgammon tactics will work for everyone, and so you need to develop your own style to increase both your skill and your confidence.


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