Java backgammon: The Essential Backgammon Tip for Beginners

If youre searching the net for amazing backgammon tip that will improve your game, heres one. The best backgammon advice you can give to new players is play, think and learn. However, for really new players, those who are still learning the ropes, the following advice may be useful. Dont pile up the checkers on just a few points, spread them around. This backgammon advice is based on common sense, offering you more options as the game proceeds.

When you role a double, it is almost always preferable to move your counters two by two (instead of moving a pair four times). Like the last backgammon tip, this ensures more options during the nest rounds. Later on in the game, keep your home board as secure as possible. Making it as difficult as possible for your opponent to return to the game should one of his counters be hit. This backgammon help is extended when you are removing your counters. Keep your counters as spread out as possible.

It is nearly always better to remove a counter if possible. If you can choose between moving and removing remove. Dont be over concerned about a single counter on a point, especially early on in the game. Backgammon is about being in the best position for the any possible outcome. This often means leaving a counter unprotected.

All this might help you with your general play. But the only real way to advance and improve, to start learning what tactic to go for when, is play and play again. This is the only way you can become a better player. So the one essential backgammon tip: go and role those die.


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