A Guide to Playing Easy Backgammon

Here's an easy backgammon guide for new players that want to understand how the game is actually played. Backgammon is a board game for two players, and is played on a board of twenty four small triangles called points where the backgammon checkers move according to the roll of the dice. The first player to remove all his pieces from the board is declared the winner. Players can play the game on the traditional board, or they can play it online. Refer to a simple backgammon guide before playing.

Follow this easy backgammon guide in order to understand the basic game play. Each player has 15 checkers in their own color (usually light and dark) that are set up along the 24 points spanning the inner board and the home board. The player then must try to bring all the backgammon checkers into his home board. Once the player has all his men in the home board he can start bearing off the pieces (rolling to remove them from the backgammon board).

It's important to note that the above easy backgammon guide covers the basics but there's a lot more to the rules of backgammon like strategy which takes more than just racing to get the checkers off the board. When playing this board game two versions are available: offline and online backgammon. Some like the physical game but many are now turning to the popular online version. Easy backgammon rules take no time to learn, and the player is always advised to learn how to play backgammon games before playing for real money.


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