You can play electronic backgammon anywhere and anytime

You might remember the feeling. Bored, nothing to do and nothing interesting to watch on the television. You would really love an interesting game of backgammon, but is raining cats and dogs outside and you don't want to go out to your club, and you don't expect anyone to come to you. That is all history, of course. One of the benefits of the internet revolution is that now you can play electronic backgammon anywhere and anytime.

Backgammon has always been popular as a thinking person's game. Played for more than a millennium, it was always regarded as a game that requires an in depth knowledge of strategy, a logical chain of thought and an infinite level of patience to enjoy the game and to win consistently.

Its transition to the internet has been smooth, with software developers doing this grand old game the justice it deserves, by providing state of the art three dimensional software to recreate the authenticity of a live atmosphere as closely as possible. Now electronic backgammon can be played for fun or for real money in online tournaments and leagues taking place all over the world. Online friendships can be formed where you can chat on a variety of subjects, sports, politics, cars and anything that comes to mind.

Electronic backgammon has made the world a very small place for many people, none more so than the regular international traveler. Stuck many miles from home, they can while away many a long hour by linking up their lap top computer to their favorite backgammon site. This is a scene being repeated either in an airport lounge or a lonely hotel room from anywhere in the world, by playing through Flash animated software. Who would have imagined, just a few short years ago, what electronic backgammon could bring?


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