Why start with free backgammon?

So you have read all the rules, understand the layout of the board and have a pretty good idea of what is involved. This is fantastic, but can you guess your opponents next move? Have you been on the receiving end of an attacking game? Do you know when to double? Answer no to any of these and you can begin to see the merits of free backgammon!

Most experts would recommend that you begin with free backgammon. It provides an excellent opportunity to play against a variety of people at different skill levels. Starting with no charge backgammon allows exposure to new scenarios and strategies, improving both your insight and your knowledge, without injury to your bank balance.

There is a very supportive atmosphere surrounding free backgammon, as there is less competition. Other players are more willing to explain their moves and offer tips and suggestions. Further advice can be found in online backgammon schools or in books, and since you are playing for no cost, you can try these out and create your own style of play. This will increase your ability and your confidence if you decide to move on to cash games.

Choosing free backgammon is not an option limited to beginners; it can also be a useful option for regular players. Backgammon has many variants and rules, and unfamiliar options may be added, depending on where and who you play. In this scenario, free backgammon provides an opportunity to become competent and confident in any new areas.

Most importantly, playing no cost backgammon ensures that you can have a huge amount of fun, without losing money. So play, make those improvements and enjoy!


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