Great Gammon Board Games

Some people play with cards, some play with tiny pieces of plastic with blackened dimples in them; still others play classic board games that add a touch of elegance to any gaming experience. For those that choose the latter there are gammon board games. Backgammon is an extremely fun two-player gammon board game that requires minimal set up to play. Set up for this gammon game usually takes just ten to thirty seconds and can provide hours of gaming fun. Backgammon is one of the great gammon board games that require the use of several different types of game pieces. Backgammon uses checkers, dice, and a doubling cube. There really is something for everyone to enjoy in this great gammon board game.

To add to the fun, Backgammon uses its own language that a player must understand to effectively play this gammon board game. Some of the words unique to Backgammon are; Pip, Open Point, Plot, Hit, and Bar. The Backgammon vernacular is a must learn for anyone not already familiar with gammon board games.

For example, a pip is determined by the roll of the dice. Once a player rolls the dice the number on the dice decides how many places, or pips, the player is allowed to move their checkers. One of the moves that a Backgammon player always tries to avoid is having a blot on the board. This is a term in this gammon board game that means any space on the board occupied by only one checker. This is obviously a vulnerable position to be in and should constantly be guarded against, and watched for if your opponent is prone to leaving many blots when playing this gammon board game.


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