Check out Speedy Jelly Fish Backgammon

If you are looking for a new backgammon game, check out jelly fish backgammon. What this version of backgammon is, is a much faster, more furious version of backgammon, found on line, that can beat human play at the highest level. It is a very fast, high speed level of backgammon play that all backgammon players looking for a challenge will really enjoy.

The way that jelly fish backgammon has the capacity to beat human backgammon players and plays on such a high level is by using artificial neural networks which is a way of working the human brain through the manipulation of individual brain cells. This system was developed by Fredrik Dahl and it was given its name because what has been developed through jelly fish backgammon could never match the over 100,000,000,000 neurons in a human brain; rather the size of the brain used in this type of backgammon is that of a much more lowly organism, such as a jelly fish . The reason backgammon players like to use this jelly fish backgammon system is mainly to improve their game and develop their skills to the highest level possible.

If you like, when playing jelly fish backgammon to improve your backgammon skills, you can turn on the sound whereby you will receive feedback as you play on the cube decisions you make. If that idea bothers you and you would prefer the style of playing against others, you can do that too with jelly fish backgammon. You can just select the option of 2 players and let the program just keep score and provide comments on both of your play levels.


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