How to Start Learning Backgammon

Backgammon is a game that has been around for a very long time and will remain far into the future. By learning Backgammon, and learning it right, it will provide you years of gaming pleasure. The first part of understanding Backgammon is understanding what the terms mean. Backgammon the word, for example, is used quite often but many people do not understand what it means during Backgammon game play. A Backgammon is when a player has failed to get any of his or her checkers off of the board and still has a checker on the bar in the winner's home board. This is being back gammoned and the subsequent losses can be quite substantial, generally three times the amount on the doubling cube. A normal gammon results in the loss of twice the amount on the doubling cube.

One novel way of learning Backgammon is by playing a version of the game called Chouette. This is a more social version of the game of Backgammon and is a great way to learn. The way to play is three, or more, players play against one player called the "box." The reason that this is an easy way of studying Backgammon is inexperienced players are able to play alongside experienced players without having to do all of the game play themselves. This allows novice players the opportunity to learn the game, and play a small segment at the same time in a relaxed atmosphere. Even people who have been playing for a long time love to play this version of Backgammon.

Whatever way you decide that learning Backgammon is for you, make sure you take the time to build on the basics. There are many intricacies to master when learning Backgammon but these skills will serve you for years to come.


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