Treat yourself to a leather backgammon set

Leather symbolizes something to most thinking people. Expensive cars, exotic women and a luxurious life style. People who enjoy the good things in life will usually find to also enjoy playing backgammon. And those who want the best will buy a leather backgammon set.

In the last few years backgammon has enjoyed a major upsurge in popularity sparked off by the internet revolution. Always regarded as the most popular board game in the world, tens of thousands of new internet savvy enthusiasts have discovered why backgammon has been the most popular board game for hundreds of years. The internet has introduced millions of new players to the game.

Involving the highest levels of strategy and skill, this backgammon renaissance has seen many players indulge themselves by taking the best of both worlds. Playing online in international tournaments and leagues, or playing at home or in a local club or bar with a few friends over a glass of beer or wine - to pass some quality time with friends and family, playing on a leather backgammon set has to be up there with the most enjoyable experiences.

Leather backgammon sets are usually very well finished, with latches and locks made from solid copper or brass with the hand stitched board bound in either suede or leather. The dull sound that the dice make as they hit the playing surface indicate, more than anything the quality that goes into making top quality backgammon set.

You may have won a prize in an online backgammon tournament, or simply had a good run at the racetrack - one of the finest ways to spend your money is to treat yourself to a leather backgammon set.


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