A Taste of the Mediterranean with Loutraki Backgammon

Even though it is believed to have originated in ancient times in the tombs of Egyptians, backgammon has always had a Mediterranean flare about it. The basic game of backgammon has many names stemming from this Mediterranean flare – Tavli backgammon, Greek Backgammon and Loutraki backgammon. While the names of these games may change, the essence and basics of backgammon does not.

Loutraki backgammon is named for a quaint Greek town which is known as a major tourist attraction. A player wishing to master backgammon might want to travel to this gorgeous area in order to learn to play, but in the world of online casinos, that is unnecessary. Online backgammon and other forms of the game are available online and all sites that offer the game will also offer tutorials, guides, rules and of course, the option to play backgammon for free.

The main point of Loutraki backgammon is to get your checkers to your home board and then bear them off. In the process of moving checkers around the board, a player needs to ensure that his pieces are not exposed in any way and that the opponent does not have the opportunity of landing on this piece (hitting) and taking his piece off. If this does happen, the player will need to start his checkers journey from the beginning of the route towards his home board.

Once all the checkers have passed each other and there are only checkers on each of the players' respective homeboards, the excitement really begins and is known as the straight race to the end. In this part of the game, good dice throwing is what can make or break. In order to learn how to play Loutraki backgammon, find any sites that offer the game and begin to feel like you are on a Mediterranean holiday.


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