Who plays pogo backgammon?

If you would have asked the forefathers of modern backgammon, as they evolved the rules and tactics of the game, huddled around the first hand craved and primitive table in a bar in downtown Bratislava about one thousand years ago a question about pogo backgammon, they would probably looked up at you in wonder and disbelief and asked: who plays online backgammon and more important than that: what is it?

That was and still is a very good question and the answer is not people who play backgammon whilst bouncing around on pogo sticks. Now that would be a challenge. The correct answer is that is that pogo is the software and backgammon is the game. Pogo software was developed to allow players to play online games, not only backgammon, but a wide variety covering all aspects of online play. The difference is that they are playing without any commercial influence whatsoever. In other words these are amateur circuits where players play against each other for fun and not necessarily for reward.

The quality of the software that you will find on these sites is nowhere near as high as you will find on a commercial backgammon web site, and most of the organisation is done by amateur volunteers, who, in most cases, do a fine job. There are pogo backgammon rooms dotted all over the World Wide Web, and for players who want to compete in tournaments and leagues but for fun and not for financial reward, then pogo backgammon is the game for them. So the next time someone asks you, who plays pogo backgammon, you will be able to answer immediately and with conviction.


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