Betting on the Game: Real Money Backgammon

Backgammon is an exciting game and playing in a real money backgammon game adds to the thrill. The game itself is a gambling game, but a game of high skill at the same time. Backgammon games are played in casinos only occasionally. There is a much greater skill component in real money backgammon gambling than in most casino games. Traditionally, the nature of the game is a private contest between two friends. It is this intimate and competitive quality of backgammon that explains its universal appeal. This competition between two players wagering against the outcome of a game has extended to the internet now as well, offering a wider range of betting opportunities.

The rules of real money backgammon games depend on the set-up of the game. Wagers may be placed on the points made within an individual game, or wagers may be placed on a series of games, usually referred to as a match play. Backgammon may start with a fixed wager, but the stakes may be increased throughout the game based on the rolls each player makes and by the use of the doubling cube. Backgammon is a game with two distinct parts which must both be understood to play well, as well as to bet effectively. The moves a player chooses must be allied with the equity calculations for each of the moves. These calculations determine the chances of the game's outcome and determine the gambling stakes. The most effective way of winning a game is therefore not always the best route in terms of winning equity points, or money.

Whatever the set-up of the game, real money backgammon offers a greater thrill in placing a wager to the fun of the play in traditional backgammon.


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