Where to play tavla online

Backgammon is one of the most popular online board games. It is a game that is loved and played by millions of people from different corners of the world. Backgammon has been around for centuries. However, if you mention the word backgammon in the Asian or African continent you will find that many people don't know what backgammon is all about. Backgammon is known by many different names like tavla online although it is more or less the same game. Backgammon Tavla online is the Turkish version of Backgammon. The rules for backgammon tavla are more or less the same when compared to backgammon. However there are a few changes such as there is no doubling cube and also the winner scores only one point for a normal win and two points for a gammon. The internet has almost every version of backgammon available online. Thus if you're someone from Turkey or someone who has learnt and has a fascination for backgammon tavla, you can log into one of the numerous websites and play tavla online. How do I play tavla online? All you have to do is find a search engine and type the search criterion. You will find a list of websites that allow you to play online. You can play online and match your skills with professional online tavla players. If you're someone who has never played but is curious about the game, then it would do you good to first spend a little time and study the game of tavla before you decide to pit your skills against someone who is well versed in the game. If you have never tried your hand at the game– then you need to give it a shot as it will improve your overall skill at the game of backgammon!


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