Tavli aka Greek Backgammon

If you have ever had any interest in Greece, and board games, you might want to check out Tavli aka Greek Backgammon. For those who like playing backgammon and are planning a trip to Greece, or perhaps just want to get in to the swing of the Greek romantic mood, Tavli could be the game for you. The question you will probably be asking yourself is, how does Tavli aka Greek Backgammon differ from other forms of backgammon? What changes when playing Greek Backgammon?

Going back to basics, you should first understand that Tavli in Greek means three games (and also) board. The Greeks have a different attitude when it comes to the backgammon board; they use it for three different board games, which are played in succession. The three Tavli games are: Portes (which is your standard backgammon game with a very slight variation); Plakoto (the difference with this is that when a checker is hit it cannot be moved unless the piece that hit it moves away from that position); Fevga (the aim in this form of backgammon is to place a block on as many free spaces as possible). There is no cube involved in Tavli aka Greek Backgammon.

It is definitely worth you checking out Tavli aka Greek Backgammon, if only to get a feel for how they do it in Greece. It is always fun, especially for the gambling man (or woman) to see different ways other cultures respond to your favorite game. So if you want a bit of a kick to your game, play Backgammon today.


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