Java backgammon: A few free Tips for Backgammon

Nothing can act as a substitute for game play and experience, but here are a few tips for backgammon which will improve your play. The first thing any new player should learn is: try to spread out your counters as much as possible. Perhaps, from all the help for backgammon, this is the most important. Many other tips are based on this logic: making certain that you maximise the possibilities for every conceivable throw of the die. Obviously, keep single counters down to a minimum, but dont let this create a situation where all counters are piled up on a few points.

Furthermore, dont be too afraid of single counters. Yes, you might be hit, but this is far less damaging than contracting your options. When you role a double, move pairs of counters instead of one pair. Again, this is about maximising your options and taking control of a larger area.

Other useful advice for backgammon is, when you get a choice between moving a counter and removing a counter, remove it. Also, try and secure your home board as much as possible. This stops your opponent re-entering the game after a hit. A well secured home board will always put you in strong position.

Tips for backgammon can be found all over the internet. But the best, and by far the most enjoyable, way to improve your game is to play. All the tips for backgammon in the world will not improve your game like experience will. Find yourself a good website, or download some good software and start playing. Of all the tips for backgammon around, this is by far the best.


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