A Quick Guide to Tournament Backgammon

Today there are quite a number of different types of tournament backgammon online. A common way of organizing backgammon online is to have a signup date. In this way, everyone interested signs up for the tournament by a certain day. Matches are then organized, sometimes randomly, sometimes using a racking system. Every player is responsible for completing their match by a certain time. If this is played for cash, the more people who sign up, the bigger the cash prize. This is because the prize is funded by a registration fee. This is usually an example of big competition backgammon, run at one of the larger websites.

Another example of tournament backgammon is when the number of participants is pre-set. As soon as the right number of people signs up – the tournament begins. If this is a real money tournament, the prize will be a fixed sum, decided before the backgammon competition starts. Again, the prize money will come from a registration fee, but since the amount is fixed, so is the prize.

There is a version of tournament backgammon that is gaining in popularity. In this version everybody starts with same amount of points (or chips). You continue playing until you lose all your points, or you win everybody else's. It something like a hybrid between playoff and league matches.

Online tournament backgammon can be found in many other varieties, played for fun or for cash, over many weeks or just a few hours. If you look around, you're sure to find the right one for you. Tournament backgammon provides a player with experience that is incomparable to regular play.


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