Learn about Backgammon advanced play in order to win

Online board games like backgammon have received immense popularity in recent times. Online gaming sites are registering unprecedented traffic. Player log in daily and play online backgammon regularly against other players or against the computer to enhance their backgammon playing skills. They start with playing at beginners rooms and slowly acquire expertise. When they have become sufficiently proficient at normal backgammon the move onto backgammon advanced play and play with other experts.

Before one can commence with backgammon advanced play one has to be thorough with backgammon rules. It is not simply learning the backgammon rules by heart but learning how to implement them. Hitting, entering, bearing off and doubling are some of the backgammon rules that the player has to be familiar with. The online backgammon sites publish articles on backgammon and serious players should regularly read such articles.

Mastering backgammon strategy is a must for backgammon advanced play. Handling of cubes, backgames, primes constitute part of advanced backgammon strategy. Backgammon strategy can be learnt from the several online tutorials. Also there are innumerable books on backgammon strategy. Study of annotated backgammon games is also a great help in mastering backgammon strategy. But there is no substitute to actual online play. The player must be ready to put in long hours on online backgammon sites in order to reach an expert level of play.

Mastering advanced backgammon play opens many avenues for the player. Of course he can play professional backgammon at wagering sites or participate in online backgammon tournaments. He can also earn money as a mentor and coach to younger and less experienced players. He can also take up a career in writing about backgammon. Several backgammon sites look for expert writers who can produce interesting articles on a regular basis. Put in the hard work and reap the rewards


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