Backgammon American play Backgammon the American Way.

Backgammon is a board game that is played across the globe. Backgammons origin can be traced to about 3000 BC in Egypt and Iran. Today backgammon variations are played in most nations in the world, though the essence of the game is the same. With the evolution of Internet technology the gaming fraternity has gone online and online backgammon has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity in the last few years.

Several backgammon variations exist. Some of these are the European backgammon, backgammon American play, backgammon tavla and online backgammon. Backgammon American play is the format of backgammon in vogue in the United States of America. In America backgammon is extremely popular in both the online and offline formats. There are several online gaming sites where players log in to participate in competitions. The American Backgammon Tour is the most popular offline competition.

There is plenty of information on backgammon American play available on the Internet. This information can be accessed using any of the several available search engines that will lead you to web sites that provide details of rules and strategy, locations where you can play and advice and tips.

For American backgammon players participation in the American Backgammon Tour is a big thing. Events are scheduled throughout the year in different cities. Every year the list of winners is compiled. However the most valued list is the All-Time list. To be in this list is like being in the baseball hall of fame. There are over a thousand names on this list. So enter Backgammon American play and enter the Backgammon hall of fame.


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