Backgammon American Style is Popular all over the World

Backgammon is not a new game. It has been around since about 3000 BC in different backgammon variations. In these backgammon variations though the essence of the game remains the same there are differences in rules and styles. All backgammon variations are available online and this has made the game extremely popular among the Internet savvy younger players. As in other countries, backgammon is a rage in America as well. In America backgammon has its own formats and is popularly known as backgammon American style. Because all backgammon variations are available online one cannot say that backgammon European style is popular only in Europe or backgammon Asian style is popular only in Asia or that backgammon American style is popular only in America. All backgammon variations are played and enjoyed everywhere in the world.

Most backgammon players do not restrict themselves to one of the many backgammon variations. Hence if you love backgammon it will be worthwhile learning more about backgammon American style. A simple search on your favorite search engine will show hundreds of web sites that play backgammon American style or provide information on it.

The American Backgammon Tour is an integral part of backgammon American style. This consists of tournaments held in various American cities throughout the year. At the end of the year the players are ranked according to performance and the winners list is prepared. It is considered a great achievement to be in the annual winners list of the American Backgammon Tour. American Backgammon Tour also prepares an All-Time list. This is like the baseball hall of fame. It is the dream of all American players to enter the All-Time list of the American Backgammon Tour.


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